About us:

BerlandTeam is a new kind of insights and strategy firm. We Decode Data into Momentum™ for individuals, organizations and movements. This means, for each client in our diverse portfolio (think Estee Lauder Companies, Airbnb, WeWork, Brooklyn Brewery, the NHL), we use wide-ranging data sources to diagnose what’s most in the way of our clients’ ambition and then advise them on how to move forward.  

We’re a tight-knit group that’s sharp, a little quirky and extremely collaborative. And we’re big fans of lunch. Seriously. We love a good lunch.

The Opportunity:

We’re actively looking to recruit an intern who, among other things, can support the team in all aspects of client work -- from data collection and analysis to identifying insights and shaping a compelling story grounded in what we learned. This position, based in New York City, requires a strong interest in digital, analytics, secondary research, and quantitative and qualitative research, a natural curiosity, an eagerness to dive into the deep end, and a hunger to learn and grow while having a blast. Expect to learn a lot about cool companies, new products, and the latest in digital, analytics, research and strategy.

About You:

  • You know your way around the internet — you’re able to quickly find information and tools to help you find answers

  • You love connecting dots and solving puzzles. And when a piece is missing, or the dots don’t line up neatly, you don’t get frustrated, you get motivated.

  • You have a passion that drives how you approach both work and life (Fortnite, theater/improv, Soulcycle, ping pong, sports analytics, etc.)

  • You’re a news and information junkie tapped into what’s new and now.

  • You’re not afraid to take chances and make mistakes, and you love to share lessons learned.

  • You are curious: you try new foods, talk to strangers, visit new places, and always question the obvious solution.

What You'll Do:

Analyze data and unearth trends. Dive deep into data from social media, search, web traffic — as well as primary research (qualitative or quantitative) — to uncover intelligence around growth opportunities and business challenges.

Wonder and Decode. Transform your analysis into insights and actionable strategic recommendations for communication programs.

Be a part of the Team. Support the creation of client materials and other deliverables, and help anticipate what’s needed next. Look for bumps in the road and know when to raise your hand for help.

Help us grow. Be on alert for new business opportunities, with existing clients and potential ones. Tap into your experience and passions to come up with ideas, or ask thoughtful questions that encourage ideas, to drive our continued growth


  • You have strong communication and writing skills

  • You are curious, inquisitive, proactive, organized, and methodical. You like to use substantiated data to both identify and solve problems, rather than trust your gut alone.

  • You are proficient in the use of spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. You know Excel well enough to have a favorite function.

  • You have the ability to juggle multiple priorities and pay attention to details when things are moving quickly

How to apply:

Send your resume and a cover letter to jobs@berlandteam.com