Case Stories

We use wide-ranging data sources to diagnose what’s most in the way of our clients’ ambition and then advise them on how to move forward.
Here are some examples:


a new craft beer category

A craft brewery wanted to tap into the growing alcohol-free beer category. The catch? Do it while remaining true to its innovative spirit without compromise or stigma. We dug into consumer lifestyle trends that shaped the “when” and “why” people would drink an alcohol-free beer and unlocked a positioning to introduce alcohol-free beer as an empowering decision of choice rather a forced decision of circumstance.



Keeping loyal shoppers in the nest

A pioneer of the modern grocery store was facing growing competition from online retailers, big box and no frills stores, and some of their loyal customers were starting to defect. We used a political approach to develop targeted messaging and marketing programs that created doubt in the competitors’ strengths and exploited their weaknesses to win back shoppers and keep those most loyal.



Capitalizing on cannabis as an ingredient

A leader in natural skincare and makeup products wanted to take advantage of growing interest in cannabis for its skin care benefits. We used both consumer and influencer research to understand the opportunity and the areas of potential backlash for both product and communications. The outcome? An authentic positioning that drives consideration and provides clarity on how to address consumer concerns and reduce reputational risk.



Renting space in the minds of high-value tenants

With over 40,000 apartment communities in the U.S., a leader in developing and managing multifamily housing wanted to enter the rental market in the United Kingdom. We used advanced statistical modeling to identify and prioritize the needs, wants and desires of high-value tenants in the U.K. for an actionable new market strategy and business plan.



Assessing risk and finding opportunity for beauty brands

With more than 30 well-known brands in its portfolio, our client is a global leader in prestige beauty. Using the latest analytics and monitoring tools, we developed an “always-on” social media intelligence system that arms the company with insights on social undercurrents, informs product development and corporate positioning, and provides early warning of issues that could impact its brands.



Winning the game, and fans

Over the last decade, this sports league has grown in total revenue, attendance at games, TV viewership and expanded its presence on social media. But it wanted to do more to grow its game in the U.S. and Canada. We used research to identify a strategy that: 1) keeps avid fans avid; 2) converts casual fans to avid fans; and 3) brings new sports fans to the game.



Building consumer trust by explaining the “how”

Our client has transformed how millions of people travel but not everyone was a fan. Through global multi-stage research and analytics, we discovered those who hadn’t used the service -- and instead relied on news and social media to learn about it -- needed to better understand the basics of how the service works and the safety net of processes in place. The upshot was new messaging and products that effectively assuaged consumer concerns, built trust and drove choice.



Sewing up white space for international design house’s 9 brands

We conducted comprehensive attitudinal and behavioral research among 11,722 current and prospective consumers worldwide across 9 different brands, to identify the core customers of each brand, understand their shopping habits, and determine competitor strengths and weaknesses. Our insights informed a strategic plan for each brand around newly exposed white space -- new product lines or brand extensions, new target demographics or new distribution channels.