We decode data into momentum

We Decode Data Into Momentum.™


BerlandTeam is a new kind of insights and strategy firm.

We empower leaders to drive change and help their companies succeed. Our mission is to accelerate business and brand momentum for individuals, organizations and movements.

We believe in smart research and bold thinking. We’re early adopters. Curious and collaborative by nature. Fast and agile by design. We’re not afraid to challenge convention and take risks. We think on our feet and say what we mean, with the insights to back it up.

How We Work



We understand the modern world of insights—collecting and analyzing the data is only where the job starts. Strategy, activation, and how the data gets used is what makes us tick.



We operate as an extension of your team and work with you to solve your challenge alongside you. Success doesn’t come when we work in a vacuum.



We use clear milestones with ongoing initiatives to push the conversation forward toward a solution. It’s never a big reveal.



As things change, and new challenges arise, our approach is designed to be flexible and course-correct.



The world is moving too quickly to look backwards. We believe that research must reflect your aspirations, so we help you plan for where you’re going, and how you’ll get there.


Think Like a Candidate

Competitive at the heart of the process, targeting, and messaging to win.


About the Team

Our team is tuned-in, collaborative and fast. We value fresh perspectives and creative, data-driven insights. We are a team of straight shooters, working to bring you unrivaled insights and strategies.

As experts in image reputation and management, we are the go-to team for crisis communication for major corporations and high-profile individuals. We provide our clients with monitoring, measurement, analysis, and implications to help them make decisions in real time.